Where to Stay on Ko Phayam

If you’re looking for bungalows or guesthouses to stay on Koh phayam this guide will tell you about all the beaches Bungalows and accommodations that you can stay in.

many of the places to stay are available on booking.com or have their own websites but some of the places do not have their own websites and this site will allow you to book with those places.

Koh phayam is quite a quiet island in comparison to other islands in Thailand it does get very popular around high season and you might find that many places are booked quite long in advance since there are many people who returned to Koh phayam year after year after year.

My favorite place to stay on Koh phayam is a simple but nice Bungalows called Golden sunset bungalows

These simple but charming bungalows run by a local lady called and her family including three adorable little girls.

And has a round 7 or 8 bamboo Bungalows for rent ranging in price from 300 baht for the cheapest ones in low season to about five-hundred baht for the cheapest ones in high season and 700 baht for the newly built wooden Bungalows which were completed this year in 2019.

Each Bangla comes with its own toilet and shower. these are built into the Bungalows unlike some Bungalows on Koh phayam where they are attached to the bungalow but they are outside meaning but the bugs and the sunlight can get you.

and has a small restaurant where she can cook a variety of very tasty dishes for you and she also sometimes does family meals that you can join in with especially if that has been a big fish quote fresh from the sea.

That is also a beach volleyball net outside of the Bungalows and usually at sunset people get together and play Beach volleyball.

due to the intimate I’m family like night Sha of the beach space you will usually find yourself eating with the other people from the Bungalows and close friendships can be made it is a very nice place to spend time in the night shot enjoying the sea enjoying the sun sets and guessing to know your fellow neighbors.

That is also a two-story house owned by on in which visitors can stay. There were two flaws and each floor is rented separately each floor contains two bedrooms but a very large so other people can also stay making these suitable choice for family groups or just couples who want a bit more space so concrete walls and a nice terrace that looks out onto the scenery of the beach.

For more information and to find out if the Bungalows are free and how much please click here.



Other places to stay in Koh phayam

The places to stay in Koh phi can be divided into a few different areas

The most popular area is Long Beach otherwise known as aow yai.

Aow yai is my favorite place to stay as this is what I have always stayed and I love to watch the sunsets over the beach the sand hit is also very fine and golden and beautiful. this area isinot too busy but on the other hand there a few bars that do have parties and so some evenings you will be able to hear the thump of loud music if you want to avoid this then I would recommend staying somewhere else on the island. if you want access to the majority of restaurants and things going on in the island then this page is the place to be.

A more quieter area is Buffalo Bay. personally I don’t find the beach hair as beautiful as Long Beach but some people prefer it. you can still see the sunset from this beach if you go to the easternmost area and there was the famous hippie ball with its unusual and seemingly ramshackle building that is very beautiful each year it is changed And re made from Driftwood and so is a kind of living artwork. the waves are not as strong in this area so some people like swimming here better than Long Beach

You can also stay near the pier although bear in mind that most of the restaurants do shut quite early however there are resorts, simple resorts, in which you can eat in  the evening such as sabai sabai.

there were no places to stay inside of the island and these tend to be cheaper and I see more hippie people staying there due to the lower costs I presume.


however it’s worth remembering that the island is not that big there are no cars here but you can rent a motorbike I’m within 10 to 20 minutes you can be on the other side of the island so whatever you stay you would never really that far away from another place


they’re also a couple of hidden spots on the island such as monkey Beach which has one resort and phayam Seaview which sits on the top of the hill giving you as you might expect a lovely view of the island and setting you more in the nature and also rabbit Bungalows which I have never been mean to but I’m told that they are set in a beautiful place.


Places to stay on aow yai (Long Beach)

Starting from the left hand side of the very Long Beach we have Palm Beach next to that we have long beach bungalows many people stay here year-on-year and I believe that the prices are very reasonable.

I might have to order slightly wrong butt off today we have silver sands Bungalows green beach bungalows and DeLand these provide accommodation for different prices for oil quite reasonable. the only downside to staying here is that there is a kind of river that separates that bit of the beach from the rest of the beach when the tide is low you can simply walk between each side of the beach between the tide gets higher you may find that this so cool river is chest-high and if that is not your I do a fun to walk through it than either you need to time your work accordingly or it is possible to take the back road and drive by which is a little bit of a long drive for the distance that you want to go

Off to the river we get out ye bungalows. this is one of the oldest results in the island and has everything from very basic cheap Bungalows which are around 600 baht two more high-end Bungalows which can be around 6,000 baht in high season. Those Bungalows have hot water cable TV and a beachfront location.

They do also have many bungalows in the middle of that price range so there is something to suit every need and comfort they also have a bar and a restaurant and provide services such as laundry and you can borrow some surfboards if you are staying there.

next to all y’all are Bungalows you will find golden sunset bunglows the place that I have mentioned beforen these are very well priced and good option in a very friendly setting.

Further along from Golden sunset bunglows you will find coconut resort this is another result that has been on Koh phayam for a very long time and has many different Bungalows at different prices the cheapest I think being around 6 or 700 baht and the most expensive being around 2,000 baht

The next bunglows along earned by Ziggy stardust play one of the few places on the islands to have hot water. The restaurant here is very good.

Near the beachfront they have wooden Bungalows which cost around 1 to 2000 baht. These are very nicely decorated bungalows, but tends to get booked up very quickly from all the long stayers and regulars to phayam.

behind these wooden Bungalows you have more simple Bungalows that do not have hot water and these are somewhere in the price range of 500 to 700 baht there are quite a few of them close by to each other so it is not the most private but on the other hand it’s not too close either.

Next along you will find JJ’s they are very nice small business with good concrete bungalows. none of them are exactly on the beach because the restaurant has the beachfront but they are very close to the beach. in love season those concrete Bungalows can be gained for around 1000 baht but in high season I think they close to 2000 baht.

They also have luxury tents which are around 700 baht probably less in low season. these tents areare bu on a wooden platform with a roof above to protect from rain and sun and have two rooms and even have a fan the and other electricity sockets so that you can keep cool and charge your stuff. You can book these Bungalows from booking.com

Next to JJ’s we have dream cuisine this is one of the more budget options on the island and in high season you can get very simple but adequate Bungalows for 350 baht. The restaurant in front is very reasonable and has table tennis and darts.


After that we then have bamboo bungalows there are many many Bungalows if I enable hair from very simple ones made from wood or bamboo which are probably around 700 baht.  The more luxury ones the highest of which costing over 2,000 baht but are very comfortable with concrete walls.

Next door to this is a new result called nava. They have a few smaller Bungalows available 4 800 baht and large ones available from 1200 baht and even more if you would like the beachfront one. They are very nicely decorated.


Next to this we have another of the most long time Bungalows on the island called smile huts.


these are very basic bunglows which do not have 24-hour electricity so you will need a candle for the night time.

In high season the ones located on the beachfront are 900 baht. what’s this seems kind of expensive especially considering how close together each of the Bungalows are and how simple they are, you have to take into account the fact that they really are on the beachfront unlike so many of the Bungalows on this beach and so you can see and hear the sea from your hammock.

they also have Bungalows behind those Bungalows and I believe that they are 50 baht cheaper per night.

At this point that is a road the road that leads directly through the island.

If you cross this road and she’s a very small road by the way then you will get to King Paradise bungalows.

they have very simple Bungalows and very elegant ones it is impossible for me to write the price here as they seem to change it on a weekly basis however in high season this year the most simple Bungalows were available for 300 baht which is very cheap though I do not think a fan is included in those rooms.


Going further down the beach we have a kind of luxury resort. Ce de.

these are very lovely Bungalows and again one of the few places where you can get hot water these are bookable on booking.com and I think that they cost around 2,800 baht which is really quite reasonable considering how nice they are.  The restaurant is a bit more expensive than other restaurants. They do have very comfortable sun loungers which you do not find so often on ko phayam.

Father on from there we have phayam Lodge they have some smaller Bungalows and lots of larger family houses with three bedrooms and two living room so it is possible to get quite a lot of people inside or you can just have the luxury of having a home with a kitchen. prices for the individual Bungalows without kitchens stopped at around 2,800 baht and the family houses a bit more than this. They have their own website from which you can book and you will need to contact them but they do get back to you very quickly. The family who owns them a very friendly and the setting of The Bungalows is a very nice with lots of space in between so it feels quite private.

Southern from that you have hornbill hut, friends Bungalow, langley and ban San kayoo.

You also have Rasta baby Bungalows which is behind the Rasta bar.

these are cheap pumps around 350 baht and cannot be booked online they are very basic but adequate and if you want somewhere cheap and nice and simple to stay then this could be the place for you

Hope that helps!

More info coming soon!